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Love the other popular VN references. Glad I actually caught them. especially Avalon


Other than the MC having an IQ of literally 5, I love it.

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Short but nice!! those easter egg paintings and messages at the end including several creators... You have a wonderful team!!!

Which religion/belief/spiritual school inspired the skull thing and the whole main plot ?

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I guess loosely Celtic? But really nothing, just the insane depths of my mind combined with a shout out to the game Love of Magic by Droid Productions.

next update

In a couple of weeks. Had some issues with hardware (my PC died) and it delayed things.

What's your Patreon? :)


I love the subtle jab at the protagonist of My New Family.


I love how people promote childish behavior as a good thing. It really shows how society is progressing towards a bright future. 


really digging it. excited for future updates 


Love the game so far

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoy it! :)